Tweens and Yoga

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Tweens. They’re thought of as impulsive, moody, and maybe even demanding. This stage of development is often identified by struggle and conflict between children and their parents, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Being a parent of a tween is hard, but being a tween is harder. They’re dealing with puberty, transitions, learning about themselves, and for the first time really trying to identify who they are.

The search for identity is something that never stops, but it does begin around this age. One of the most beneficial things you can do to set your tween up for success is teaching them how to handle their emotions in a mindful and healthy way. This is a skill that many adults today don’t even know and is something that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Yoga helps emotionally, physically, and spiritually. But above all, it connects us with our highest self and our inner guide. This voice of reason and truth that lives in all of our heads is what tells us right versus wrong. Helping your child to identify this from the start is a beautiful way to give them the tools that they need to function as a well rounded and mindful member of society.

Their intuition and inner guide are the compass of life and these things are what will help them to grow and be authentic. People that practice yoga are notoriously less stressed, more mindful, and more intentional with everything that they do. This can help eradicate a lot of rebellious teenage behavior that could happen later down the road because through yoga and mindfulness, tweens are taught that ultimately, they answer to their own actions and are hindering themselves from becoming better by not living in harmony.

Through my 8-week program on yoga and expressive arts, tweens will become empowered with important life skills and new powerful mindsets that will help them throughout every stage of their lives. They will be taught about self-acceptance, coping methods that can be helpful for anxiety and other mental health issues, how to respect yourself and accept who you are, how to deal with identity issues, self-image issues, how to befriend yourself, mood management, body image, and how to develop a sense of belonging in a world that you were born to stand apart in.

By seeing value in our children and teaching them their value, we help develop them into happy, healthy individuals that know how to connect with themselves and all of the things around them. Our tweens won’t be tweens long, so it’s important to teach them the skills that they need to succeed now while their brains are like sponges and are ready to absorb all of the information.

After all, one day they will run the world.

I hope that you will allow your tween to join me on this well-rounded journey of soul searching, alignment, and confidence building. Through yoga and expressive arts, they will enter middle school and the rest of their lives with coping skills and self-assurance that many unfortunately never learn.

By setting our children up for success, we are investing in our future world and we are investing in ourselves.

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