How Yoga Helps 

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Why Yoga for Kids?

Our kiddos live in a fast-paced world of busy parents, school, peer pressure and video games. More often than not, we don’t recognize children need a mental break. ​When a child learns how to relax, understand their inherent inner strength, and appreciate self-health, they can navigate life’s inevitable challenges easier.

Yoga supports the development of the whole child. ​Our classes are designed specifically for children using the guiding principles of Kundalini Yoga (& Expressive Arts) at levels kids and teens will understand and enjoy; and to promote confidence, trust, and mind and body awareness in a non-competitive environment.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga – aka Yoga of Awareness – is a dynamic yoga style with a spiritual and wholistic approach. This type of yoga aligns naturally with children’s dynamic energy. The body moves, and the breath moves with it- sometimes deep and slow and sometimes strong and forceful. Children can relate to the active exercises, which are often somewhat callisthenic or aerobic, as well as the held postures.

Our classes build strength in developing bodies, social skills, and relaxation techniques with breathing, posture, meditation, mindfulness - and of course, a healthy sprinkling of fun and laughter along the way. 


Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is for peace of mind, body, and spirit


  • Breath
    • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety
    • Rids our bodies of toxins

    • Increases oxygen levels in our blood giving us more energy

    • Heightens a person’s overall consciousness and feeling of well-being

    • Improves mood by increases in calmness and decreasing anger and fear

    • Improves circulation of blood, nourishing the brain and the body


  • Movement
    • The postures of Kundalini yoga, as well as other forms of yoga, are intended to coax the body out of old ways of holding itself and moving

    • Postures of kundalini yoga are particularly beneficial and effective for restoring endocrine balance

    • Increases physical efficiency

    • Stretches, and strengthens muscles and ligaments

    • Gravity assists in different postures such as inversions and twists to increase the flow of fluids within the body to nourish the nervous and endocrine systems. This also facilitates the elimination of toxins

    • Organs are massaged which aids in their health and function

    • Improves flexibility which is important for nerve function


  • Meditation
    • ​Instills clarity and focus
    • Increases a sense of well-being and health
    • Changes the way the brain functions and actually alters the structure of the brain
    • Increase the thickness of the areas of the brain associated with cognition and emotional processing